A Raw Foods Philosophy: I feel it prudent to mention that although especially at potlucks we sometimes try to make particularly mouth-watering and exquisite entrees, this is not the ‘norm’ among experienced, seasoned, raw food eaters. Yes, the above table of mouthwatering delights I enjoyed last November at Quintessence Raw Restaurant in NYC is utterly delicious. But, honestly, neither you or I have the time or the money to eat like this for every meal. The above meal is a designer raw food delight. If you wanted to eat for optimum health and digestion, you would eat only one food per meal. My friend and 20+ year Raw Food Mentor, Dr. Doug Graham says for optimum Raw Food preparation he likes to apply the 5-5-5 rule. “If it doesn’t have more than 5 ingredients, doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to make, and doesn’t cost more than $5 for ingredients, he will enjoy it.” Otherwise, he won’t. In fact, Doug says after awhile following 5-5-5, you’ll want to change to 3-3-3. In my daily life I am down to a 3-3-3 and mono-meal (eat 1 food per meal) about 50% of the time. You will find in the below list many delicious items which can be made from 3 or 4 ingredients. Some only have only 2! There is a banana-avocado pudding with just 2. And, there are some with perhaps 20 or more. Each person has to do what is right for them at the time. In becoming a raw food eater you may miss the pizzas and truffles so much that you simply need to spend a lot of time creating masterpieces. And, I have to admit, I seldom miss the opportunity to enjoy a designer raw food meal. But, I rarely take time to make one, except for a potluck or special occasion. I eat out of nature’s pantry (right off the tree) much of the time. I encourage you to find what works best for you!
…enjoy one of the largest raw food recipe lists on the web. Do not print this out unless you want around 45 pages of recipes! Far better to clip and paste the recipe(s) you want to a word document & print from there. (Donna Huddleston of Dallas, Tx wrote me on 8/20/2003 and said she had printed them all out–44 pages! Thanks, Donna)! I have snatched some of these from other sites giving credit, of course. Many others I have received from our members, or off raw food listserves. If you have a recipe to contribute, please just respond to this post with your recipe.   -Mark Blackburn

Classic Site Upgrade

Hi Gang,

This will not be replacing, but will provide additional information that can’t easily be organized on a site.  I want to personally apologize for the confusing fact that there has been a Yahoo Group, a meetup site, and a standalone website for our organization.  I still need to kill the Yahoo Group, but that’s going to be a chore for another day.  I’ve been trying to move out of the stone age and a place of confusion (listing events from 2007) for a while now.  .Net wasn’t my property so I couldn’t.  I want to personally thank my father for managing the Raw Sacramento organization for about 8 years.  His excellent articles, member testimonials, and your recipes will be back online soon.  Heather and I are moving to a new place right now, so please wait until after the 20th for any reminders :).

Christian Blackburn
Chief bottle washer in sector 7