Here’s a response I wrote to one of our members regarding a question on Mushrooms:

I don’t eat mushrooms outside of refined supplements which I do think are a great idea.  My parents in Seattle are organizers of the Puget Sound Mycological Society and are very well educated on the topic.  Apparently, in Europe they don’t put raw mushrooms on their salads like we do here, because all mushrooms are toxic until cooked.  Mushrooms can’t run and hide and unlike eating an apple, eating a mushroom will kill the whole life form so their only natural defense is global toxicity.  The US authority on mushrooms Paul Stamets says that every raw mushroom is capable of causing cancer.  That’s why the US, Japanese, and Chinese all sell extracts of mushrooms to fight cancer, because while there’s good stuff in there, it’s literally not all good.  I suggest you find a local mycology group to learn more about your mushrooms.  I would also like to note that many members in our group do eat mushrooms raw, I just don’t like the taste and don’t feel it’s worth the risk.

Christian Blackburn

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