Classic Site Upgrade

Hi Gang,

This will not be replacing, but will provide additional information that can’t easily be organized on a site.  I want to personally apologize for the confusing fact that there has been a Yahoo Group, a meetup site, and a standalone website for our organization.  I still need to kill the Yahoo Group, but that’s going to be a chore for another day.  I’ve been trying to move out of the stone age and a place of confusion (listing events from 2007) for a while now.  .Net wasn’t my property so I couldn’t.  I want to personally thank my father for managing the Raw Sacramento organization for about 8 years.  His excellent articles, member testimonials, and your recipes will be back online soon.  Heather and I are moving to a new place right now, so please wait until after the 20th for any reminders :).

Christian Blackburn
Chief bottle washer in sector 7